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Desiree Bilon on the Surf Anywhere Film

Published on Riverbreak Magazine, November 3, 2015

by Phil Babbicky















Photo by R. Bishop

Forty-five minutes outside of Calgary, landlocked surfers have built a world-class wave on the Kananaskis River. They have not only built a wave, but also a river surfing community. Desiree Bilon (38), a competitive ocean surfer, fascinated by the art of filmmaking and production, is now working on a film to share the stories of the most passionate river surfers in the Alberta river surfing community. Her dream now is to inspire others with her film.


What is your personal connection to surfing?

Surfing is my life.


You have an ocean surfing background, right? Tell us about it …

I have been surfing for 12 years in the ocean and surfed in over 13 countries.

Over the past decade I have worked in the surfing industry — as an ISA (International Surfing Association) certified Level 1 surf instructor, a surf tour guide, and as a surf writer in English, Italian and Spanish. I have surfed in competitions internationally, and have experience organizing events. In the past I worked as an editorial coordinator and in-house translator for Planeta Surf...



Surfs Up for Calgary CUFF.Docs 2016

Published in Metro News Calgary, November 3rd, 2016

By Aaron Chatha

Jacon Kelly Quinlan surfing      Photo by: Robert Bishop





This year’s Calgary’s documentary film festival, CUFF.Docs, is getting a little wet and wild.

The line up, unveiled this week, includes a screening of Gaza Surf Club, which will open with a short documentary by Calgarian Desiree Bilon called Surf Anywhere.

Bilon chronicled the efforts of Alberta group Surf Anywhere as they created river surfing waves in Kananaskis.

“People will want to see this film because these are great surfers, surfing a great wave, 1,000 kilometers from the nearest ocean, in the winter, in sub-zero temperatures,” Bilon said.

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Films for a change

Published in Moab Sun News, February 23, 2017

By Sharon Sullivan

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